About us

AK Studio was founded in 1994, focusing on dubbing foreign films and TV series into the Czech language.

The founder and owner of the company, Antonin Kravka, drew from twenty years of experience at the Barrandov Studios, where he worked as a sound designer and created complete soundtracks for 52 full-length feature films and series.

We currently provide services across all major areas of the audiovisual area.

We specialize in recording Czech and Slovak dubbing and provide multilingual recording in more than 25 languages with professional native speakers, recording of TV and promotional spots, as well as the complete production of videos and 2D/3D animation. We are constantly upgrading our facilities and strive to be the hub of creativity and innovation.

We are in contact with our customers and cooperating studios from all over the world. Thanks to this collaboration, our studio can provide multilingual recordings with professional native speakers that are not available at our location.

Being a boutique studio we find our strength in a unique and tailored approach to meet the needs and requirements of every customer we work with. Hence the reason, we have succeeded in considerably growing our database of satisfied clients.

For over within 25 years, we have realised more than 5000 projects
for hundreds of customers around the world.